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“Central Asia: Environmental and Social Due Diligence Assessment for Small Business Initiative projects DFF-Sahabatly, Turkmenistan” Project

Period: July 2019 – October 2019
Location: Turkmenistan, Ashkhabat
Client: EBRD
Description: Economic Society “Sahabatly” (the “Company”), one of the leading private producers of dairy products and crops in Turkmenistan, has applied to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) to finance the purchase of new modern, energy efficient milk processing equipment for dairy production and agricultural machinery. Ecoline International Ltd. and its partner ATMS Solutions Ltd. were conducted the environmental and social assessment of the Project and due diligence of Company’s existing operations.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Garbush Fish Production Facility Enlargement Project

Period: April 2016 – July 2017
Location: Armenia
Client: FREDA
Description: “Garbush” LLC (“Company”), a fish producing company, has applied to the Fund for Rural Economic Development of Armenia (FREDA) for the financial support. The detailed study of the project shows that it is socially important and in general it meets the requirements of FREDA for quasi-equity financing exceptionally in case of availability of sufficient collateral. As a part of appraisal process an Environment and Social Impact Assessment study was required to evaluate the potential environmental and social impacts associated with the implementation of project components and their future operations. To conduct ESIA study of the project FREDA announced a tender and ATMS Solutions Ltd. was selected as a Consultant for the implementation of ESIA services.

Sanitary Hygienic Assessment of Working Conditions at Workplaces

Period: September 2014 – December 2014
Location: Armenia
Client: Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia
Description: We were commissioned by the Coca Cola Factory in Yerevan to conduct sanitary hygienic assessment of working conditions at manufacturing workplaces. The assignment among others included instrumental measurements and evaluation of physical and chemical factors of working environment, assessment of load and intensity of working processes, determination of hazardous classes of working conditions, etc.

“Armenia: Akvatekh Environmental Due Diligence” Project

Period: July 2010 – October 2010
Location: Armenia
Client: Armenia
Description: “Akvatekhavtomatika” Close Joint Stock Company (“Company”), Armenia’s largest fish producer, has applied to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) for a loan to acquire and install efficiency-increasing fish-breeding equipment and infrastructure improvement, etc. As part of appraisal process an integrated audit was required to determine the extent of Company’s environmental, social, hygiene and food safety risks and liabilities and ATMS Solutions Ltd. was selected as the Consultant to undertake Environmental due diligence.

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