Health and Safety Services

Health and Safety Services

Aiming to assist companies in maintaining the high level of health safety at workplaces, ATMS Solutions provide services in the area of occupational health and safety (OHS) beginning from initial risk assessment and ending with development and implementation of effective health and safety management systems.

Our knowledge and experience accumulating during the years of expertise in organizations of different sizes, types and sectors gives us capacities to deliver full set of health and safety services to our clients. Our team members are familiar with the provisions of relevant national standards and best practices and successfully combine them in OHS processes and procedures. We can design your health and safety processes from scratch or update existing system in such a way to ensure that it is implemented and effectively operated.

Our OHS services include:

  • Complex assessment (attestation) of workplaces, including industrial factors (microclimate, noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, lighting, air quality, etc.), work-load and intensity, injury risks, provision of PPE, etc.
  • OHS audits and gape-analysis,
  • Emergency preparedness and response plans and Accident management plans,
  • Occupational health and safety plans,
  • Evacuation plans,
  • Health and safety procedures for more than 200 professions and works,
  • Safe implementation of dangerous works (welding/hot and underground works, working in confined areas, working at heights, etc.),
  • Safety (prohibition, warning, mandatory, fire safety, etc.) signs and posters,
  • Outsourcing of Clients’ OHS activities and responsibilities.
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