Services provided by ATMS Solutions are concentrated on promotion of sustainable development principles and values and better management of business processes
Health and Safety Services

Aiming to assist companies in maintaining the high level of health safety at workplaces, ATMS Solutions provide services in the area of occupational health and safety …

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Environmental and Social Consultancy

Improving the environmental performance of our Clients is a challenge we take very seriously. We have joined together highly experienced environmental …

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Energy Management Services

ATMS Solutions performs broad spectrum of energy studies from a quick walk-through audits to a comprehensive analysis of the implications …

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Waste Management Consultancy

Elaboration and implementation of waste management systems is one of the main activities of ATMS Solutions. Since 2007 and to present our staff has provided consulting services …

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Management Systems Consultancy

There are many reasons to implement requirements of management system standards. Often the market is the driving factor. Once a management system …

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Measurements and Monitoring

ATMS Solutions provides complex services related to measurement and monitoring of physical factors affected on human health and environment…

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Gender and Social Surveys

Gender equality is one of the fundamental human rights promoting sustainable and environmentally sound development over the world. However …

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Stakeholder Engagement

The identification of project’s stakeholders and preparation of a program for regular communication with stakeholders in clear and comprehensible …

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Physical and Economic Displacement

Greenfield and major expansion infrastructure projects generally result in physical and/or economic displacement. In such cases, to ensure that …

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Geographical Coverage