Scoping stage disclosure – ESIA for North-South Corridor (Sisian-Kajaran) Road Project, Armenia

Armenia is establishing the North South Road Corridor (NSRC) connecting Iran in the south to Georgia in the north. The NSRC consists of 5 tranches, and the Sisian-Kajaran Road section (the Project) is one of the three sections making up Tranche 4 of the NSRC.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Investment Banks (EIB) are considering financing the Project. The “Road Department” Fund, under the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia, will implement the Project.

The Project is presently undergoing an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) according to EBRD and EIB requirements and national regulations. The ESIA is conducted in two stages: Scoping and Assessment. Scoping serves to define the scope of the Assessment and requires effective stakeholder engagement. A Scoping Report has been prepared to document the results of the scoping stage, and its summary is provided in a Scoping Leaflet. Both documents (in English and Armenian) are disclosed here and at the website of the Road Department to allow the stakeholders to obtain information about the Project at its early planning stage and to provide their feedback.

The scoping disclosure period is 30 days: between 13 April and 12 May 2022. During this period scoping consultations meetings will be conducted in Yerevan, Sisian, Kajaran and several administrative units in the Project area. Follow the Road Department’s news and share your views on the topics discussed in the Scoping Report and Scoping Leaflet (see the contact details in the Leaflet)!

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